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High up on Solothurn's local mountain, you'll see the world from a different perspective: At 1284 meters above sea level, you'll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the vast Mittelland to the entire Alpine range. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, the natural beauties of the Jura Mountains entice bikers in summer, snow enthusiasts in winter, and hiking enthusiasts year-round.

The planet path

The Planet Path, which leads from Weissenstein over Hasenmatt to Untergrenchenberg, was established in 1978 by Fritz Wohlgemut. During a delightful hike across the Jura heights, hikers can learn about the sun and the 9 (or 8 without Pluto) planets. Thanks to line-of-sight visibility, the path provides a vivid understanding of the scale of the planets. Using a consistent scale of 1:1,000,000,000 where 1 mm = 1,000 km, every step a hiker takes corresponds to 15-20 times the circumference of the Earth.

Pro Weissenstein - Planetenweg


Jura garden

On the south side of the spa house, below the sun terrace, there has been a botanical garden since 1957. Marvel at a wide variety of plants native to the Jura region. The garden is located immediately south of the hotel, next to the children's playground, and is freely accessible all year round. The most blooming time is usually in the early summer months of June and July.

For further information and offered guided tours, please visit the website of Pro Weissenstein.



Experienced bikers will also get their money's worth on the Weissenstein. A downhill trail leads from Nesselboden to the valley station in Oberdorf. Take a break on our sun terrace for refreshments before the rapid ride continues. We look forward to your visit!

We are happy to organize guided tours or bike courses for you; we look forward to hearing from you.

Information about bike trails and routes can be found at



The surroundings of the Weissenstein are the starting point for many beautiful hiking trails for both hikers and walkers. Whether leisurely or brisk, there is a suitable route for every mood. Enjoy one- or multi-hour walks with fantastic views over the Mittelland and the Alpine chain. But even avid hikers won't be disappointed in the Jura. Multi-day hiking tours allow you to explore the beauty of the Jura nature. Some highlights include the cave system 'Nidlenloch,' the Planet Path from Weissenstein over Hasenmatt to Grenchenberg, or the climbing gardens 'Oberdörer Klus' and 'Balmfluhchöpfli,' where climbing enthusiasts can fully indulge.

Information about hiking routes on the Weissenstein can be found at



Sledding fun is guaranteed for everyone on the local mountain. There are two different lengths of sled runs designed for various difficulty levels. If you're one of the brave ones seeking speed, then the 4.5 km long south route over Nesselboden (mid-station of the cable car) with challenging curves all the way to Oberdorf is your thing. In winter, the mountain pass road is closed to motor vehicles; the ride on the closed pass road is partly steep, and certain sections are recommended only for experienced sledders, and sledding on plastic sleds or bobs is not allowed.

For those seeking a more leisurely experience, the serene sled run 'Nord' towards Gänsbrunnen, also suitable for children, is the right choice. From there, you can return to the valley station of the Weissenstein cable car via the SBB train through the Weissenstein tunnel (hourly).

For further information about the sled runs, how to get there, and rental options, please visit the website of the cablecar Weissenstein.



In winter, the landscape on the Weissenstein takes on a magical quality. The numerous winter hiking trails offer a wonderful alternative to the often foggy days in the Mittelland region. Choose the tour that suits you best from the wide selection and enjoy the magnificent views over the Mittelland or even across the Jura mountains to France on sunny days. A beautiful circular route from our hotel to Hinter-Weissenstein and back is also suitable for families. Following the marked path over the high plateau towards the west, you'll encounter minimal elevation gain. For more tour options, follow the marked trails and enjoy the tranquility and panoramic views.

You can easily rent snowshoes at the restaurant Sennhaus for CHF 20.00 per day. For further information on snowshoe trails or routes, you can find resources online or on the website of Solothurn tourism.



Below our hotel is a popular launch site for paragliders. The moderately steep launch site meadow can be reached via the path past our hotel, along the chapel at the edge of the forest. Crucial for a successful launch, in addition to the windsock at the launch site, is the Swiss flag on our terrace.

Enjoy a meal with us before your flight over the Mittelland, and then "happy flying." For more detailed information, please visit the website of the Delta- und Gleitschirmclub Weissenstein.

Are you interested in a passenger flight or looking for an adventurous gift? We recommend:

passagierflü - with discout for our hotel guests


Cross-country skiing

The diverse winter offerings on the Weissenstein also include a cross-country ski trail. The trail is located on the plain between the Sennhaus restaurant and Hinter Weissenstein. It has a length of two to four kilometers and includes both classic and skating tracks. The trail is open from December to early March, depending on snow conditions.

For more information about the trail and costs, please visit the website of the Verein Tourismus Solothurn Jura.


Weissenstein run

The popular mountain run is part of the Jura Top Tour and has been held annually since 2016. Participants can choose from three different disciplines, with the youngest runners competing in the Youngsters category. For the latest information, please visit the website of the Weissensteinlauf.

For further informations please visit the website of Verein Tourismus Solothurn Jura.



In 1947, a group of young wrestling enthusiasts took the initiative to resume the wrestling festival. Since then, the event - with only four exceptions - has been held annually and has evolved over time into a highly popular festival on the Solothurner Hausberg. Alongside wrestling, a competition for stone throwers was also introduced. Every year, athletes from all over Switzerland compete with the 66 kg heavy Weissenstein stone, which is displayed in the lobby of our hotel.

For more information, please visit the website of the Weissenstein-Schwinget



The Uhuru Festival was founded in 1994 as an annual world music festival held on the Weissenstein. Since then, people from all over the world have visited, participated in, and shaped the event. For more information about this summer event, please visit the website of the Uhuru – Festival für Musik und Tanz.
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