On the initiative of the physician Johann Baptist Carl Kottmann, the health resort was built in 1827/1828. On the Weissenstein, for example, whey cures were offered to treat patients with skin rashes and inflammations of the respiratory or digestive organs. Known as a local recreation area the Weissenstein also achieved a high degree of popularity among mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers during this time. Around 1862 an extension was built to the resort in which the west wing was rebuilt for tourists and the east wing was supplemented by guest rooms and rooms for group overnight stays. However, the main building was still reserved for health cure guests. At the beginning of the 20th century the health resort had to contend with increasing competition from the rest of Switzerland. Thanks to the commissioning of the chairlift from Oberdorf to Weissenstein in 1951 the area on Weissenstein experienced a revival. At the end of 1984 the venerable health resort was completely renovated during a two-year conversion period. Thanks to willing shareholders the conversion could be realised. The chairlift, which had to be shut down in 2010, was replaced by a new gondola lift at the end of 2014 and this helped the mountain to a more modern connection. In 2015 Hotel Weissenstein AG bought the health resort from Regiobank Solothurn AG. Detailed plans for a complete renovation of the heritage-protected building and the construction of a new building were then presented. The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction project took place on September the 11th, 2017.


The health resort was built on the initiative of the doctor Johann Baptist Carl Kottmann.




Commissioning of the chairlift from Oberdorf to Weissenstein



The venerable health resort was completely renovated in a two-year conversion period

The chairlift had to be shut down



Opening of the gondola lift

Ground-breaking ceremony for the construction project


August 2019

Neueröffnung Hotel Weissenstein

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